Continued Maintenance of Constructions and Roads

Building a new subdivision or business park in an area requires many permits, and these are often negotiated between the local government and the development company. In the past, governments generally negotiated for immediate concerns such as building new roads and schools. They were concerned about the immediate impact on their community, and looking down the road at continued costs was neglected. They have learned through trial and error that maintenance costs in the long run are just as important as immediate needs.

Whenever a structure or road is built, it will eventually require maintenance or replacement. Communities have learned harsh lessons from those who did not consider these factors, and they have adjusted their goals. While many buildings will be sold, there might be some that will become property of the community. Roads are not usually private, and they are also the responsibility of the local government. Building with an eye towards lower maintenance costs in the future has become one of the important negotiation points between local governments and developers.