Hearing the Voice of Locals

Whenever a new development is proposed, local residents and businesses believe they should have a say in it. While businesses are often for development, they want to know how much new business they can expect. They are also concerned about traffic patterns during construction, and they want assurances their businesses will not suffer any loss due to construction. Their concern is tied to the economy, but it can also be due to the fact they are local and want to retain the charm and character of their town.

Residents of any community will band together when an outside force approaches, and many of them are concerned about the impact on their town. Most people choose to live in an area because they like it in its current form, and changes might alter the character of their community. Urban sprawl has long been a concern of those who live in smaller rural areas, and they worry about property values as well as overcrowding in schools.

The impact on any development can be enormous on a less populated area, and schools have often suffered as a result. While residents are often promised there will be little or no impact that is not covered by the builder’s plan, they want to ensure everything has been compensated for before the building begins. Many of them realize developers want successful project, but they believe that their community is unique. This attitude can be a help to get a project properly started, but endless objections with no basis in fact can also strangle a good project.

There are many legitimate concerns raised by locals when any development is proposed, but opposing it because it is new can strangle a small town. The ability to grow is important for the economy, so making it impossible to develop new local areas is not good for local residents or businesses.